Optimized Design and Development

Welcome to PCWTB (PC Web Test Bed)

Simplicity, the keystone of all foundations. The more simple something is, the less issues may arise. In relation to the internet, this means less security vulnerabilities that can expose your website to hackers, less compatibility issues that can make your site unusable by your audience, and the smaller and more efficient the code the greater performance of your site.

By keeping your site simple, viewers can identify your content and view it quickly (both visually and loading time) with peace of mind that any information they may share is secure. This is the philosophy we at PCWTB hold to. Bringing back a more elegant and usable internet is what we strive for. As well as advancing your knowledge of what can sometimes be an overwhelming sea of clutter when looking at the internet.

This site is run on GetSimple CMS. A flat file based CMS. As it's name suggest, its a simple, easy to use system. The reason I use GetSimple is because I have nothing but admiration for the work they have done contributing amazing quality work to the opensource world. Also need to give credit to Mvleck and his i18n plugins. His work into i18n is nothing short of astonishing.

Note this website is still undergoing a complete refresh, not all sections and content is ready.